Today marks one month since we embarked on “Phase Two” of this crazy journey we’ve been on for the past several months. One month ago, we packed up what remained of our belongings and began driving West in search of our new home. With the promise of a temporary job for Brian, we left on a wing and a prayer, unsure of what the road ahead would bring. Looking back, what stands out for me the most was all the noise in my head. Constant questions and critiques swirled through my brain regarding our utter lack of doing the responsible[Read More]

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who “goes with the flow”. You know, a don’t any ruffle feathers, play according to the rules type of person. It’s only been within the past several years that I’ve learned there is a HUGE difference between going with the flow and LIVING in the flow, and the living in it is what matters. Here’s what living in the flow means to me: paying attention to signs and synchronicities in life taking positive action based on those signs and synchronicities spending quiet time alone in meditation and/or in nature on a regular basis[Read More]

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