Where Are We Now?

When we last spoke, our family was preparing to say our goodbyes to New Mexico. So what have we been up to since then? I’ll attempt to make this short and sweet, kind of the Reader’s Digest version of our last few weeks. So here we go!

The trip back East took us out of our way to Arcadia, OK to visit the “World’s Largest Bottle of Soda” ┬ájust off historic Route 66.


Adding a few hours to our drive to see this landmark, we then decided we might as well head to Louisville and hit up the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory while we were at it.

Louisville Slugger

After almost 4,600 miles, we made it full circle back to PA.

4588 miles

We set up base camp at our friend’s condo and have spent the past few weeks visiting friends…




Filling up on some of our favorites.


The Burgh

And hitting the old stomping grounds…

Pumphouse Trail

Still unsure of where we will call home, things are falling into place. In the meantime, we are enjoying one another immensely and learning a huge lesson in living in the moment!

All is well in our world, until next time…

xo- Beth

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  1. Beth - August 13, 2015 9:54 am

    I can smell the universe building a beautiful bridge to ‘home’…..Blessings for long breaths, toothy grins and belly laughing.


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